As mobile technology is becoming more adaptable, the trend of using smart devices is growing like wildfire, and there is in fact no stoppage. Analysts have given a lot of reports that our future will be ruled by mobile technology…

The technology that mobilized communication and realized the concept of computing-on-the-go has improved a lot since first smartphones were introduced. Today’s smartphones are more powerful, smaller and practically useful devices. They can replicate the experience of desktop computing and handle most of the general-purpose computing operations.

So smart devices are everywhere and playing increasingly greater role in the lives of everyone but without applications, they are just containers. It’s hard to imagine desired productivity out of a smartphone without applications which can be platform-specific or cross-platform compatible.

There are millions of applications for smartphones. An Application, or fashionably known as app, is created by a mobile application developer. Domain Arc is one such mobile developer engaged in designing, developing and deploying almost all sorts & sizes of apps. The company creates apps for all the mainstream mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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  • Mobile devices are set to take the centre stage in the coming times. A large share of internet has already moved into mobile devices which has given rise to differing patterns of engagement. Be it location tagging or social sharing of information; mobile devices has set new variables of competition for marketers. If you have a business that seeks competitive advantage in the coming times, mobile users needs to be tapped. One of the most effective ways to do so is to kick start your own mobile application.
    Domain Arc has been a pioneer mobile application developer for more than half a decade. With 300+ successfully implemented projects and 250+ satisfied clients, we at Domain Arc, are making difference in mobile technology. We are revolutionizing mobile technology that is available in the form of smartphones, phablets, tablets, convertibles and notebooks, through our state-of-the-art app solutions, services and products and helping businesses simplify their IT operations and generate encouraging revenue.